Little Linguist Catalogue

We currently publish two different catalogues:
MFL Catalogue 2018   Multicultural Catalogue
Our Primary MFL Highlights' catalogue. This is aimed at MFL teachers and features our best-selling products for 4 - 11 year olds in French, German and Spanish.  

Our Multicultural and Multilingual Resources Catalogue features our best-selling products for Early Years and Primary (0 - 11 year olds) in over 50 different languages.

Our catalogues do not feature our full range of products (these can be viewed and purchased online), but bring together our top-sellers in an easy-to-browse format aimed at teachers and educators.

Unfortunately, we are now out of stock of our 2020 catalogues and COVID-19 has delayed the production of our new editions. We hope to print these in the next half term.
If you would like us to send you a copy when available, please f
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Little Linguist Recommends.......
O est mon poussin ?

O est mon poussin ?£8.49

Nina und Jan suchen die Ostereier

Nina und Jan suchen die Ostereier£7.99

La chasse aux oeufs

La chasse aux oeufs£7.99

Dnde est el seor Pollito?

Dnde est el seor Pollito?£8.99

Spring / Le Printemps (French - English)

Spring / Le Printemps (French - English)£9.99

Lapin is Hungry

Lapin is Hungry£7.99

P'tit Loup: fte Pques

P'tit Loup: fte Pques£5.99

Es-tu l, petit lapin?

Es-tu l, petit lapin?£7.99

Mon petit cherche et trouve de Pques

Mon petit cherche et trouve de Pques£7.99

Este no es mi pollito

Este no es mi pollito£8.99

Trotro et les ufs de Pques

Trotro et les ufs de Pques£11.99

Le rcit de Pques

Le rcit de Pques£5.49