Children's Books in Dari (Afghan Persian)

Dari is one of two official languages of Afghanistan (the other being Pashto) and is usually known as Afghan Persian in English-speaking nations. Dari may also be referred to as Farsi; Dari and Farsi are two dialects / accents of the same language (Dari is referred to as the accent spoken in Afghanistan and Farsi is referred to as the accent spoken in Iran).

Apart from a few basics of vocabulary, there is little difference between formal written Dari and Farsi but the informal spoken languages have more obvious differences. The books in this category use a Dari-speaking narrator for the spoken elements when combined with a TalkingPEN to read the books aloud.

If looking for other books for young children from Afghanistan, please also consider those in Farsi, where we have a much wider choice of titles.

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Page 1 of 1:    3 Items