Talking Pen

TalkingPEN is a unique technology which brings sound to paper, making pen-enabled books and charts “speak”. Simply touch a page to hear professional narrators read the words or tell the story in a huge number of languages.

How to get started with TalkingPEN

  1. Purchase a TalkingPEN device
  2. Purchase your choice of accompanying resources in one or more languages: dual-language storybooks, bilingual dictionaries or charts.
  3. Access the included FreeLINK software to download the sound files to accompany your resources, FREE of charge.
  4. Your TalkingPEN is now ready to use alongside your books and charts, creating a fantastic multimedia resource.

Alternatively, we offer a range of TalkingPEN Starter Packs that include a TalkingPEN, a bilingual dictionary and selected storybooks, with the accompanying soundfiles already preloaded onto the TalkingPEN. Simply open the box and go!