Swahili for Children

Little Linguist offers a selection of Swahili books for children and other Swahili resources. Our products are suitable for use at home or in educational settings including schools, nurseries, childminders and children's centres.

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Ellie's Secret Diary: Swahili & English

Ellie's Secret Diary: Swahili & English£9.50

Errol's Garden: Swahili & English

Errol's Garden: Swahili & English£9.50

Fox Fables (Swahili - English)

Fox Fables (Swahili - English)£9.50

Handa's Hen (Swahili - English)

Handa's Hen (Swahili - English)£9.50

Lulu Loves Stories (Multilingual Edition)

Lulu Loves Stories (Multilingual Edition)£8.99

Nita Goes to Hospital (Swahili - English)

Nita Goes to Hospital (Swahili - English)£9.50

Talking Pen - PENpal

Talking Pen - PENpal£96.00

That's My Mum (Swahili - English)

That's My Mum (Swahili - English)£9.50

The Little Red Hen (Swahili - English)

The Little Red Hen (Swahili - English)£9.50

Page 1 of 1:    12 Items