Suggested French stories for autumn

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Suggested French stories for autumn

Suggested French stories about Autumn

Autumn has arrived! The leaves are changing, the temperature has definitely dropped and memories of summer are fading away. We've put together a selection of our favourite autumn-themed stories in French - including a selection of French-English bilingual books - for you to share with your children. With themes that include woodland creatures to blustery weather and seasonal produce, there will be a book that you'll love whatever the age or language level of your child.

Sophie et sa Courge

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Sophie et sa courge

Recommended age (native French speakers): 3 - 8 years
Language level (learners): Intermediate
Themes: friendship, life-cycles

Sophie takes a trip to a farmers' market with her parents where she chooses a squash for dinner. But Sophie becomes rather attached to it and won't let her Mum cook it; she draws it a face on it and names it Bernice. Sophie takes Bernice everywhere, despite her parents’ gentle warnings that Bernice will begin to rot. As winter nears, Sophie does start to notice changes and has to find a way to help the squash.


Tout est rouge

Recommended age (native French speakers): 3 - 6 years
Language level (learners): Intermediate
Themes: woodland animals and plants, nature

A story about a family of squirrels enjoying a new season. Autumn has arrived and Mummy Squirrel has knitted a red jumper for each of her children. Warmly dressed‚ the little squirrels leave their house in the tree for a walk in the transfigured woods‚ where everything has turned red, just like them! 

Tout est rouge
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Anton et la feuille
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Anton et la feuille

Recommended age (native French speakers): 3 - 6 years
Language level (learners): Easy
Themes: the park

It's autumn! With his smart gardener's hat and rake, Anton collects a huge pile of fallen leaves. But one escapes in the wind!

Anton must catch it and he calls for help from his friends. The leaf proves hard to catch but eventually they succeed. But who found it?


Le vent m'a pris

Recommended age (native French speakers): 2 - 4 years
Language level (learners): Very easy
Themes: weather, items of clothing

A very simple story. The wind blew the clothes off the scarecrow! Each double-page spread introduces a new item of clothing.

Le vent m'a Pris

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Le Petit Gland

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Le petit gland

Recommended age (native French speakers): 3 - 8 years
Language level (learners): Intermediate
Themes: life-cycles, seasons

A beautifully illustrated story in French to explain the life cycle of trees to children. Follow this little acorn from when it first grows on an oak tree in spring, though the autumn when it falls from the tree and starts growing into an oak tree itself.


Où est mon hérisson ?

Recommended age (native French speakers): 0 - 2 years
Language level (learners): Easy
Themes: body parts, descriptions

A simple board book with lots of textures to appeal to babies and toddlers. Will they find the correct hedgehog?

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L Automne / Autumn

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L'automne / Autumn (Bilingual)

Recommended age: 3 - 8 years
Language level (learners): Easy
Themes: harvest, bonfire night, back to school 

A bilingual book with the full story in both French and English. Two children are enjoying autumn. Follow them as they go to the orchards to collect apples, watch a combine harvester in the fields, return to school after the summer break and celebrate Bonfire Night.


Une Promenade dans les bois /
A Woodland Walk (Bilingual)

Recommended age: 3 - 8 years
Language level (learners): Easy
Themes: nature, woodland animals

Follow a group of children as they set off into the woods for an Autumn walk.  There is lots of mud, leaves, puddles for splashing in, trees and even some woodland creatures!  It all ends well with a fantastic autumn tea.

Une Promenade dans les bois / A Woodland Walk

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