French Books for Children

At Little Linguist, we offer a variety of French Books for Children of all ages. Featuring authentic French publications, our range includes French baby books, French stories for toddlers and young children and French children's books for older readers.



Our French Books for Children category is for books that are written entirely in French, the majority of which are authentic French publications. We sell French translations of popular English stories, as well as stories that were originally written in French and that are popular with French children.

Our French Baby Book category features simple books for babies and very young children. Most of the books in this category are board books but we have some novelty formats including French bath books and cloth books. All of the titles in this range are very simple and serve to teach first French words and concepts.

French picture books are popular with young learners, as well as native French speakers. These make ideal authentic texts for children learning French at primary school as they feature simple French text that is ideal for beginners.

Books for Older Children, Teenagers and Adults

Older children, and even adults learning French, may enjoy reading their first French books for children. Our children's French novels category includes titles by popular authors such as Roald Dahl and J K Rowling.