Year 3 & 4 Suggested Story Books / Resources

The author of La Jolie Ronde Scheme of Work has suggested these story books to fit in with particular  themes and lessons in the scheme. Links are included in the scheme so that you can see where it may be appropriate to include them in your teaching.

These books are suggestions only and are not written into lesson plans.

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Bon appétit, Monsieur Lapin

Bon appétit, Monsieur LapinFrom:  £5.85

Henri Dès no.12 (Du Soleil) - Audio CD

Henri Dès no.12 (Du Soleil) - Audio CD£13.80

Les Habits de Lulu

Les Habits de Lulu£11.99

Maman! (Hardcover)

Maman! (Hardcover)£10.99

Maman! (Small Paperback)

Maman! (Small Paperback)£5.85

Plouf! (Large hardcover)

Plouf! (Large hardcover)£12.50

Plouf! (Small Paperback)

Plouf! (Small Paperback)£5.75

Sports à gogo!

Sports à gogo!£5.95

Toutes les Couleurs (Large Board Book)

Toutes les Couleurs (Large Board Book)£11.49

Toutes les Couleurs (Small Paperback)

Toutes les Couleurs (Small Paperback)£5.85

Va-t'en, Grand Monstre Vert!

Va-t'en, Grand Monstre Vert!£13.75


Page 1 of 1:    12 Items