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Ideas for Olympics-Inspired Primary MFL Lessons

Thursday, 26 May 2016  | 
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Some ideas for Primary MFL lessons with a sporting / Olympics theme

Idea 1: Flags

Great for revising colours - children can colour in flags from the different countries being represented at the Olympics.

As an extension activity, why not ask them to design their own flags and label the colours.

Download a FREE French colour-by-numbers flag worksheet here.

Download a FREE Spanish colour-by-numbers flag worksheet here.



Idea 2: Put on a performance

Bonjour Milo - Sports Challenge is a musical story in French that is perfect for your summer sports and Olympics topics. Get your KS1, Year 3 and Year 4 pupils singing and speaking French with joy and confidence.

This resource provides everything a teacher needs to use the story with a class - lesson ideas, transcripts and translations plus printable puppets, flashcards, tabletop theatre and story slider.

Find out more about this resource here.

  Bonjour Milo


Idea 3: Play some word games

Have fun learning new sports vocabulary by playing word games such as crosswords, fill-in-the-gap and more.

Download a FREE French sports worksheet here.

Download a FREE Spanish sports worksheet here.

  Sports Worksheets


Idea 4: Have a whole-school theme day

Learn about the history of the Olympics, play some team games, carry out role-plays and have fun whilst learning new language - the possibilities are endless!

If you're looking for a ready-made resource with lots of support for non-specialists, have a look at La Jolie Ronde's Olympic Theme Days packs. Find out more about these resources here.

  Olympics Theme Days


Idea 5: Maps of the World

The Olympics provides lots of opportunities for learning about different countries of the world. Study a map in the target language and learn the names of different countries and where to find them in the world.

Have a look at our suitable resources here.

If you're learning French, take a look at this page from Monde des Titounis teaches children the French names for different countries, as well as where to find them on a map.

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