Franšais! Franšais! Complete Pack (3 Audio CDs, Resources CD-Rom + FREE E-Book)

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Franšais! Franšais! 3 Audio CD Set + FREE E-BookFranšais! Franšais! 3 Audio CD Set + FREE E-Book
Franšais! Franšais! Resources CD-RomFranšais! Franšais! Resources CD-Rom

The Language Factory

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Includes 3 x Audio CDs, Full-colour book & Resources CD-Rom

Winner! CILT European Award for Languages 2003

By putting everyday language into music, "The Language Factory" resources are simple and fun to use. Children pick up rhythm, rap & rhyme very easily and so the repetitive nature of the songs and raps help children learn the correct pronunciation and intonation for that language.

Being exceptionally teacher friendly, The Language Factory materials are perfect for use by non-specialist teachers (and parents too!).

This pack incorporates the original key elements of the Français! Français! resource pack and contains:

Français! Français! Audio CD 1

This CD features 26 tracks - the first 13 are French raps, songs, basic conversation and poems by native speaking children. Tracks 14 - 26 consist of backing tracks -karaoke style - to enable the listeners to sing or rap themselves.

Topics covered:Français! Français! CD1

  • Greetings
  • Colours
  • Numbers 1 - 20 & 10 - 100
  • Classroom
  • Time
  • Alphabet
  • Vowels
  • Town
  • Family
  • Weather
  • Cafe
  • Pets

Français! Français! Audio CD 2

This CD features 50 tracks of songs, raps, poems, jokes and basic conversations by native speakers enabling conversation to be extended within a topic, or enabling the introduction of new topics. All topics have a karaoke version.Français! Français! 2

Topics covered:

  • Days
  • Months
  • Body
  • Zoo
  • Personal features
  • My Home
  • Hobbies
  • Birthday
  • Sports
  • Farm

Français! Français! Audio CD 3

Following on the series is Audio CD 3 which features a further 56 tracks of songs, raps, poems, conversations and jokes and basic grammar allowing further progression and introducing new topics. All topics have a karaoke version.

This CD is great for the older classes in Primary School as well as in the early stages of Secondary School. 

Français! Français! CD 3

Topics covered:

  • School subjects
  • Musical Instruments
  • Transport
  • Clothes
  • Illnesses
  • Forest Animals
  • Daily Routine
  • Maths
  • Bedroom
  • Seasons

Basic Grammar Points covered include:

  • Le, la, l', les / Un, une, des
  • Adjectives before and after the noun
  • Mon, ma, mes
  • Prepositions
  • Rap for regular verbs
  • Raps for irregular verbs etre, avoir,
    faire, aller
  • Personal pronouns 
  • Au, a la, aux / Du, de la, des

Français! Français! Book

Français! Français! Book

Developed to accompany all three Français! Français! audio CDs, the Français! Français! book comes in full colour and features vocabulary pages, where each vocabulary item has a picture.  Each picture has the French word in blue (masculine) or red (feminine) and in English.

Opposite the vocabulary lists are pages where that vocabulary is used in short simple conversations, poems, songs, raps and jokes. There is a CD reference for each song, rap, poem or conversation so that the tracks can be easily located. 

It could not be more user friendly! Perfect for the pupil, teacher and the primary or non specialist teacher, or teacher of special needs. 

Words in English to all the songs and conversations can be found in the back of the book.

Français! Français! Resources CD-Rom

The Français! Français! resources CD-ROM has been specifically designed by an ICT Specialist to enable teachers to gain the maximum from the book and audio CD collections. 

A fully comprehensive 'READ ME' folder is available on the CD-ROM full of ideas for photocopiable games and worksheets. The CD-ROM is also suitable for use with classroom projectors.

With over 30 topics to choose from, the teacher simply prints out the resources when required.Français! Français! CD-Rom

Resource items include:

  • Flash Cards -
    Available in full colour A5 size, flash cards can be prepared so that the picture
    is on one side and the picture and the word on the other.
    Wording on flash cards is also available in outline only so that colour printers
    need not be used and pupils can colour in the word in the appropriate "gender" colour.

  • Display Songs / Raps -
    Songs and raps can be printed so that they can become posters. These can be
    permanently displayed or brought out when a topic requires revisiting.
    Singing a song or rapping a rap is a perfect form of revision!

 Guidance for Use

This package has been developed for use with Primary School children (KS1 +KS2) and is also a suitable resource for early Secondary School / SEN classes.

This is a fantastic product for the non-specialist teacher and is packed with useful advice and teaching notes. 

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