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101 poèmes pour les petits

101 poèmes pour les petits£14.99   £13.49

12 - Sided Dice (Set of 6)

12 - Sided Dice (Set of 6)£4.68   £4.21

20 - Sided Dice (Set of 6)

20 - Sided Dice (Set of 6)£4.68   £4.21

50 English Phrases

50 English Phrases£5.99   £5.39

50 French Phrases

50 French Phrases£5.99   £5.39

50 plus beaux contes (CD)

50 plus beaux contes (CD)£12.95   £11.66

A Cat in Paris

A Cat in Paris£13.49   £12.14

A is for Africa

A is for Africa£6.99   £6.29

A largartinha muito comilona

A largartinha muito comilona£19.95   £17.96

A letto , piccolo mostro !

A letto , piccolo mostro !£12.50   £11.25

A World of Food - Nigeria

A World of Food - Nigeria£12.99   £11.69

A World of Recipes - India

A World of Recipes - India£7.99   £7.19

A3 Laminated Poster - China

A3 Laminated Poster - China£4.80   £4.32

A3 Laminated Poster - India

A3 Laminated Poster - India£4.80   £4.32

A3 Laminated Poster - Italy

A3 Laminated Poster - Italy£4.80   £4.32

Aaaaaah! Une araignée!

Aaaaaah! Une araignée!£9.95   £8.96

Aaaaaah! Une souris!

Aaaaaah! Une souris!£9.95   £8.96

Aboie Georges!

Aboie Georges!£12.95   £11.66

Albert and Annick Bears

Albert and Annick Bears£28.80   £25.92

All Kinds of Babies

All Kinds of Babies£10.99   £9.89

All Kinds of Beliefs

All Kinds of Beliefs£10.99   £9.89

All Kinds of Festivals

All Kinds of Festivals£10.99   £9.89

All Kinds of Homes

All Kinds of Homes£10.99   £9.89

All Kinds of People

All Kinds of People£10.99   £9.89

Allez! Hop! Chantez! (with CD)

Allez! Hop! Chantez! (with CD)£19.99   £17.99

Amelie DVD

Amelie DVD£5.99   £5.39

An African Christmas

An African Christmas£6.99   £6.29


Anatole£5.99   £5.39

Anatole and the Cat

Anatole and the Cat£5.99   £5.39

Anch'io voglio il ciuccio!

Anch'io voglio il ciuccio!£13.95   £12.56

Anturiaethau Smot y Ci DVD

Anturiaethau Smot y Ci DVD£10.99   £9.89

Ardilla tiene hambre

Ardilla tiene hambre£7.95   £7.16

Arturo and Josefina Bears

Arturo and Josefina Bears£28.80   £25.92

Atlas of Australia

Atlas of Australia£7.99   £3.59

Au galop!

Au galop!£12.75   £11.48

Au lit petit monstre

Au lit petit monstre£6.65   £5.99

Au loup!

Au loup!£6.65   £5.99

B is for Brazil

B is for Brazil£6.99   £6.29


Baobonbon£6.65   £5.99

Barefoot Books World Atlas

Barefoot Books World Atlas£14.99   £13.49

Barron's - 501 Arabic Verbs

Barron's - 501 Arabic Verbs£11.99   £10.79

Bear's First English Words

Bear's First English Words£9.99   £8.99

Bear's First French Words

Bear's First French Words£9.99   £8.99

Bear's First Spanish Words

Bear's First Spanish Words£9.99   £8.99

Beibl Deialu Llun: Arch Noa

Beibl Deialu Llun: Arch Noa£3.99   £3.59

Bengali Alphabet Poster

Bengali Alphabet Poster£5.99   £5.39

Beni a'i Fysedd Rhyfeddol

Beni a'i Fysedd Rhyfeddol£5.95   £5.36

Berthe Fait une Pizza

Berthe Fait une Pizza£4.50   £4.05

Berthe Fête Noël

Berthe Fête Noël£4.50   £4.05

Berthe Va au Restaurant

Berthe Va au Restaurant£4.50   £4.05

Berthe va au supermarché

Berthe va au supermarché£4.50   £4.05

Berthe Va en Vacances

Berthe Va en Vacances£4.50   £4.05

Best of British 2 CDs

Best of British 2 CDs£13.25   £11.93


Bilder-Bingo£16.95   £15.26

Bilingual Baby DVD - Hebrew

Bilingual Baby DVD - Hebrew£12.99   £4.49

Bingo de los Verbos

Bingo de los Verbos£16.95   £15.26

Bingo Ilustrado

Bingo Ilustrado£16.95   £15.26

Bingo Images

Bingo Images£16.95   £15.26

Bingo Verbes

Bingo Verbes£16.95   £15.26

Bob y Bildar - Esgidiau Bob

Bob y Bildar - Esgidiau Bob£3.99   £3.59

Bonjour Berthe!

Bonjour Berthe!£4.50   £4.05

Bonjour! Madame Le Bonbon!

Bonjour! Madame Le Bonbon!£4.99   £4.49

Bonne Idée (Photocopiable)

Bonne Idée (Photocopiable)£19.50   £17.55

Bonsoir Lune

Bonsoir Lune£6.65   £5.99

BrainBox - ABC (Chinese)

BrainBox - ABC (Chinese)£9.99   £8.99

BrainBox - ABC (French)

BrainBox - ABC (French)£9.99   £8.99

BrainBox - Paris (French)

BrainBox - Paris (French)£9.99   £8.99

BrainBox - The World

BrainBox - The World£9.99   £8.99

BrainBox On The Go - France

BrainBox On The Go - France£7.99   £7.19

BrainBox On The Go - World

BrainBox On The Go - World£7.99   £7.19

Buena Idea (Photocopiable)

Buena Idea (Photocopiable)£19.50   £17.55

Buenas noches a todos

Buenas noches a todos£4.95   £4.46

Buon'Idea (Photocopiable)

Buon'Idea (Photocopiable)£19.50   £17.55


Bärenfreunde£7.80   £7.02

C is for China

C is for China£6.99   £6.29

C'est moi le plus fort

C'est moi le plus fort£6.65   £5.99

C'est moi, le champion!

C'est moi, le champion!£6.20   £5.58

Caché !

Caché !£8.95   £8.06

Cache-Cache Cochons

Cache-Cache Cochons£6.65   £5.99

Caméléon 1

Caméléon 1£90.00   £81.00

Campeonato de Español

Campeonato de Español£16.95   £15.26

Campionato d’Italiano

Campionato d’Italiano£16.95   £15.26

Canciones de Navidad

Canciones de Navidad£8.45   £5.81

Cardiau Fflach / Flashcards

Cardiau Fflach / Flashcards£8.99   £8.09

Caribbean Dream

Caribbean Dream£6.99   £6.29

Celebrations (Foundations)

Celebrations (Foundations)£24.99   £22.49

Cette nuit-là

Cette nuit-là£5.40   £4.86

Championnat de Français

Championnat de Français£16.95   £15.26

Chantez Plus Fort!

Chantez Plus Fort!£34.99   £31.49

Chanukah Stickers

Chanukah Stickers£2.50   £2.25

Chapeau rond rouge

Chapeau rond rouge£6.65   £5.99

Charlie a'r Ffatri Siocled

Charlie a'r Ffatri Siocled£6.95   £6.26

Charlie et la Chocolaterie

Charlie et la Chocolaterie£7.15   £6.44

Cher Père Noël

Cher Père Noël£6.65   £5.99

Chez Mimi DVD

Chez Mimi DVD£36.00   £32.40


Chhht!£12.99   £11.69

Chi è?

Chi è?£16.95   £15.26

Children's French Costume Set

Children's French Costume Set£11.99   £10.79

China (Popcorn: Countries)

China (Popcorn: Countries)£10.99   £9.89

Chinese Flag Bunting - 4m

Chinese Flag Bunting - 4m£4.99   £4.49

Christmas Around the World

Christmas Around the World£4.99   £4.49

Claude - French Hand Puppet

Claude - French Hand Puppet£29.94   £26.95


Cleversticks£6.99   £6.29

Collins First English Words

Collins First English Words£11.99   £10.79

Collins Very First Irish Words

Collins Very First Irish Words£7.99   £7.19

Collins Very First Spanish Words

Collins Very First Spanish Words£7.99   £7.19

Colour in French

Colour in French£3.99   £3.59

Colour in Spanish

Colour in Spanish£3.99   £3.59

Colours in Italian: I Colori

Colours in Italian: I Colori£10.99   £9.89

Colours in Polish: Kolory

Colours in Polish: Kolory£10.99   £9.89

Colours in Welsh: Y lliwiau

Colours in Welsh: Y lliwiau£10.99   £9.89

Come and Eat with us

Come and Eat with us£3.99   £3.59

Come and Play with us

Come and Play with us£3.99   £3.59

Come and Ride with us

Come and Ride with us£3.99   £3.59

Come Home with us

Come Home with us£3.99   £3.59

Come un grande !

Come un grande !£10.95   £9.86

Cornish for Beginners

Cornish for Beginners£5.99   £5.39

Counting Chickens

Counting Chickens£11.99   £10.79

Crea le tue maschere

Crea le tue maschere£9.90   £8.91

Create and Display - Festivals

Create and Display - Festivals£25.00   £22.50

Cristina - Spanish Hand Puppet

Cristina - Spanish Hand Puppet£29.94   £26.95

Crotte de nez

Crotte de nez£4.46  -  £5.99

Cuenta con Elmer 1,2,3...

Cuenta con Elmer 1,2,3...£5.36  -  £6.26

Cuéntame un cuento

Cuéntame un cuento£8.45   £7.61

Cúper es así

Cúper es así£6.70   £6.03

Das Spiel der Berufe

Das Spiel der Berufe£16.95   £15.26

Das Tagesablauf-Domino

Das Tagesablauf-Domino£16.95   £15.26

Das Uhrzeit-Domino

Das Uhrzeit-Domino£16.95   £15.26

Das Wundermittel

Das Wundermittel£7.95   £7.16

Das Zahlenspiel

Das Zahlenspiel£16.95   £15.26

David se mete en líos

David se mete en líos£6.95   £6.26

David va al colegio

David va al colegio£6.95   £6.26

De Gruffalo (Board Book)

De Gruffalo (Board Book)£8.95   £8.06

De la A a la Z - Chile

De la A a la Z - Chile£6.95   £6.26

De la A a la Z - Cuba

De la A a la Z - Cuba£6.95   £6.26

De la A a la Z - Madrid

De la A a la Z - Madrid£6.95   £6.26

De la A a la Z - Perú

De la A a la Z - Perú£6.95   £6.26

Der Hase mit der roten Nase

Der Hase mit der roten Nase£4.95   £4.46

Deutsch-Lotto (Photocopiable)

Deutsch-Lotto (Photocopiable)£16.00   £14.40


Deutsch-Meisterschaft£16.95   £15.26


Deutschland-Quiz£5.49   £4.94

Devine combien je t'aime

Devine combien je t'aime£12.75   £11.48

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