Boîte à Français Topic Box - Les affaires d'école

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Boite a Français


This illustrated topic box includes a full range of resources for teaching the topic of "school equipment" to primary school children in KS 1 or KS 2 (ages 5 - 11).

These lively materials have been carefully chosen to engage and motivate children and focus on the key language of topics familiar to young learners. The box includes everything you need to teach a particular topic in French and is ideal for the busy teacher as no preparation work is required.

  • Designed for specialist or non-specialist teachers
  • Includes natives speaker sound files
  • Whole class teaching, individual, group or pair work
  • For interactive whiteboards or projectors
  • Includes games
  • No preparation needed
  • Ideal for Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2

The box includes a wide range of high-quality resources including:

  •  CD ROM
    • Illustrated presentation of key vocabulary
    • Three class games
    • Optional sound files by native speaker
  • Teacher's Guide - packed with ideas  and guidance on how to use the resources and offers full support for the non-specialist teacher.
  • Photocopiable illustrated pupil workbook with worksheets and games to reinforce vocabulary.
  • A set of laminated flashcards
  • 15 packs of laminated picture cards
  • 15 packs of laminated word cards
  • 15 laminated key vocabulary sheets
  • 30 laminated Lotto/Battleships game cards
  • 60 topic related reward stickers
The resources have been made from the highest quality materials and have been designed to last. All flashcards, cards and game boards are made from thick materials and have been laminated to be extremely durable

What will the children learn?

This box will teach the following:

Core Vocabulary
Learning Objectives
Les affaires d'école
  • un bâton de colle
  • un bic
  • un cahier
  • un crayon
  • un feutre
  • un livre
  • un sac
  • un stylo
  • un taille-crayon
  • une calculette
  • une gomme
  • une règle
  • une trousse
  • des ciseaux
  • des crayons de couleur

to learn the names of different items of school equipment
to understand and respond to the question
"Qu'est-ce que c'est?"

to ask if somebody has something

to learn about gender

to say what you have and haven't got

to say there is or there are

to say what there is in your pencil case

respond to the question
"Il y a combien de .....?"

to say how many of something there are

masculine and feminine nouns

the negative 'ne ... pas'

Plural nouns, adding ‘s'

Qu'est-ce que c'est?
  • C'est un/une..

As-tu ....?

  • Oui, j'ai un/une ...
  • Non, je n'ai pas de ...

Qu'est-ce qu'il y a dans ta trousse ?

  • Dans ma trousse il y a ...

Il y a combien de ...

  • Il y a six crayons

Guidance for Use

This topic box is suitable for teaching "school equipment" vocabulary in French to children in primary school (KS1 & KS2). It offers full support for non-specialist teachers without being too prescriptive and will complement any scheme of work.

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